August 16 2018.

I see a white paper sign posted in the window of a building for lease. It’s about Jeff Boss and how the NSA is trying to kill him. What I find most strange is the margins used (the text wraps from the very edges of the pages) and the block font that I do not recognize. Did this conspirator purchase a font for this purpose?

October 22. 2017.

Went to the corner deli to see if they sold lemons. “Do you sell lemons?” The cashier thinks a moment then asks, “yellow, right?” And I left with a 50 cent lemon.

June 23, 2016

“The final countdown — EU Referendum: will Britons stay or will they go?”

A homeless woman with three cats looks uncomfortable as a man washes the portion of sidewalk adjacent to her.

I read an article about a 3-D oyster farm. It discusses the oysters’ inability to leave a polluted area of the Gulf. I find this line partly amusing: “[the oysters] can’t flee, regardless of how they feel about the water conditions”.


Cutting cantaloupe today, I think of you.I do not particularly like cantaloupe, but it reminds me of you and so I select one at the grocery store and lug it home with me.

I realize now what a feat it was that you were able to cut cantaloupe so elegantly. Sliding the knife deftly between green spine and orange meat, but not so close to the edge that we ever tasted the bitter area where melon met rind.

My childhood was filled with bowls of cantaloupe, some better than others. Try this, you’d say, if there was a particularly juicy one.

Our lack of enthusiasm back then was not for lack of effort on your behalf, ever the cantaloupe advocate. And now here I am, in my own kitchen, struggling with the space between meat and rind.